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The Hurricane has already won...  Empty The Hurricane has already won...

Mon Feb 15, 2021 4:32 am
Scene fades in outside the REW arena in the parking lot.
Many of the workers and talents vehicles are parked across it but we see standing alone next to a Light blue cheap rental car is none other than the mouthiest man of all of REW...
Jonny Hurricane.

The camera zooms in on him as he looks over to it with a cocky smile.

Jonny Hurricane: Well well it seems you can't find peace anywhere near REW can you? But that is alright I have something I want to say.

Jonny leans back on the car with his hands in his pockets.

Jonny Hurricane: You see I have been putting a lot of thought into the Fatal Four-way  X-Treme division Championship match.

Jonny chuckles as he cocks his head to one side and then to the other, cracking his neck.

Jonny Hurricane: I think it will be the easiest championship win of my whole damn career. I believe that I will run through Deku and Black Mamba and Santo and claim the X-treme championship and show all of REW, The fans, The Commentators, The management, The interviewers, The talent that I Jonny Hurricane am not just talk. I am not an arrogant jackass claiming victory before the match had even started.

Jonny pushes himself forward, off of the car as he walks towards the camera.

Jonny Hurricane: You know why? Because it was the truth. It was fated to happen. I was sure of my victories because I am a world class athlete! I am Jonny Friggin hurricane! The Savior of Wrestling! The man who has gone all over the world winning championships and putting people like Santo, Deku and Black Mamba down to the mat night after night without breaking a sweat.

Jonny takes a breath and smiles before continuing.

Jonny Hurricane: So you can call it arrogance, I call it experience. I know the outcome because I know my opponents. They are weak. Look at Santo he shouldn't be here. Winning a little battle royale for his second chance? Everyone that was in that battle royale were there because they LOST! Everyone in that battle royale were losers including Santo. He doesn't belong in this match with people who actually won their matches.

Jonny chuckles as he shakes his head.

Jonny Hurricane: That makes Santo a sore loser, How so? Because he lost his right then had to wriggle back in the only way he could. He is just as much of a sore loser like that Blue Flame who had the nerve to blindside me after our match when I beat him fair and square! Telling the Almighty Hurricane to shutup!

Jonny looks into the camera seething as he grits his teeth.

Jonny Hurricane: Blue Flame you think you got away with such an act? Well your wrong. I am only waiting until after I win the X-treme division championship and then I will plot out my revenge and I gaurantee it will hurt a whole hell of a lot worse than that chair shot.
Don't believe me? Just watch the match tonight then. The aggression, The brutality and destruction that the Hurricane will bring to this fight is only a small taste of what I am capable of.
Blue Flame next time I see your miserable face I will rearrange it beyond recognition, Then I will kick you down and grab your ankle with the Thunder Ankle lock and snap it in half!
Then when you are crying in pain and begging for your mommy I will wrap my arms around under your shoulders and around your neck, Trapping you inside the Core of the Hurricane, Feeding off of your agonizing screams until you eventually pass out from the pain. Then I will stand over you and hold MY X-treme championship above you as you now lay as a message to every guy who thinks he can stand up to the Hurricane.

Hurricane laughs as he slowly walks around the car.

Jonny Hurricane: As much as I love telling you all the things I will do to you. I am  afraid I strayed off topic a bit. Perhaps some may say getting to far ahead of myself but that is not the case. Because tonight I will drop Black Mamba, I will drop Santo and I will drop Deku and finalize my fated victory. It can not be avoided and soon you all will have to bow to me as The X-Treme division champion...

Hurricane smiles as he thinks about holding that gold over him.
He turns away from the camera and begins walking to the arena as the scene slowly fades off.

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